December 9, 2014

The Advantages & Disadvantages of Video Game on Kids

Video games are a form of game which involves one’s interaction with user interface for generating visual feedbacks on the video device. Mainly the children from all over the world are rushing with the video games. There is an input device, primarily used for manipulating the video games, which is called game controller. Video games are becoming an art form and an industry. But there are a lot of disadvantages also, along with the advantages.

Advantages of playing video games:

  • One can memorise the sequences, actions, and all the techniques of the game so that his/her memory gets sharpen.
  • It creates coordination between the eyes and the hands in the course of playing. So, one can synchronies among them all.
  • One can use his/her brain to solve the problems of the clue. It helps the player to use his/her brain in an extreme level.
  • People can make money from playing games whether it be from being paid to play of by playing kasino style games
  • It allows the children to make a strong believe and use their own imagination.
  • It also enhances their visual perception at a high level.
  • There are many games available which are related with education, the players can enhance their talent with regular brain exercise.
  • Kids can enjoy the game with their parents, relatives, brothers & sisters and also with the friends by playing together in multi player gaming system.
  • Those kids, who are alone in the home throughout the day, they can pass the time by playing video games.
  • The video game can restrict the children from poor friends; they can be engaged in their own house by playing video games.
  • Video games help the players by developing their cognitive and perceptual abilities.
  • The children can be more confident by playing, devising the gaming strategies and winning the game at last.

Disadvantages of the video game:

  • A lot of gaming can take a lot of time from children; they cannot get time for other activities.
  • They cannot concentrate in their studies because they cannot think other things except playing video games. Parents have to be more conscious about their children, because too much of something is not good. Video game is an addiction, if the children once get themselves addicted, they hardly can concentrate their mind in any other work.
  • Thy children are engaged in video game throughout the day so they are isolated from their neighbors and friends. They cannot relate themselves with the practical world.
  • They do not play any outdoor games. So, they do not get the advantages of outdoor game, regarding physical improvement.

The youngsters of the whole world are crazy for video games. You can see a lot of teens and children around who are addicted to video games. Some also spend most of the time of a day in front of their computer, laptop or tabs, for playing video games. The video games are very much available today; you can get it from the various website for free. So, it is not a tough job at all to get video games. Video game is not a bad one if you play it with a limitation. Nothing is good without limitation. And the parents have to be more careful for their children.