December 9, 2014

The Advantages & Disadvantages of Video Game on Kids

Video games are a form of game which involves one’s interaction with user interface for generating visual feedbacks on the video device. Mainly the children from all over the world are rushing with the video games. There is an input device, primarily used for manipulating the video games, which is called game controller. Video games are becoming an art form and an industry. But there are a lot of disadvantages also, along with the advantages.

Advantages of playing video games:

  • One can memorise the sequences, actions, and all the techniques of the game so that his/her memory gets sharpen.
  • It creates coordination between the eyes and the hands in the course of playing. So, one can synchronies among them all.
  • One can use his/her brain to solve the problems of the clue. It helps the player to use his/her brain in an extreme level.
  • People can make money from playing games whether it be from being paid to play of by playing kasino style games
  • It allows the children to make a strong believe and use their own imagination.
  • It also enhances their visual perception at a high level.
  • There are many games available which are related with education, the players can enhance their talent with regular brain exercise.
  • Kids can enjoy the game with their parents, relatives, brothers & sisters and also with the friends by playing together in multi player gaming system.
  • Those kids, who are alone in the home throughout the day, they can pass the time by playing video games.
  • The video game can restrict the children from poor friends; they can be engaged in their own house by playing video games.
  • Video games help the players by developing their cognitive and perceptual abilities.
  • The children can be more confident by playing, devising the gaming strategies and winning the game at last.

Disadvantages of the video game:

  • A lot of gaming can take a lot of time from children; they cannot get time for other activities.
  • They cannot concentrate in their studies because they cannot think other things except playing video games. Parents have to be more conscious about their children, because too much of something is not good. Video game is an addiction, if the children once get themselves addicted, they hardly can concentrate their mind in any other work.
  • Thy children are engaged in video game throughout the day so they are isolated from their neighbors and friends. They cannot relate themselves with the practical world.
  • They do not play any outdoor games. So, they do not get the advantages of outdoor game, regarding physical improvement.

The youngsters of the whole world are crazy for video games. You can see a lot of teens and children around who are addicted to video games. Some also spend most of the time of a day in front of their computer, laptop or tabs, for playing video games. The video games are very much available today; you can get it from the various website for free. So, it is not a tough job at all to get video games. Video game is not a bad one if you play it with a limitation. Nothing is good without limitation. And the parents have to be more careful for their children.

June 2, 2014

Advantages of video games

New computer and video games are not only an excellent source of entertainment but have several benefits too. As technology has developed, the gaming industry has developed and expanded during the last few years. These games can be classified in several categories, which are discussed in the following paragraphs.

Action and role playing

Action games are fast paced and often comprise plenty of violence while playing. Because of the violence involved in such games, it is recommended that children must avoid these. Some of these action games include Enter the Matrix, Halo, Jedi Knight, and Star Wars. Adventure and role playing games may not be as graphic as the action games but can take you in to the adventurous world of fantasy and surrealism. Some of these adventure and role playing video games may contain some violence and few examples include Legend of Mana, Borderlands 2, Billy Hatcher, and Final Fantasy.

First person shooters and simulation

When you choose first person shooters games, you will see the action through the eyes of the character you are representing. These may involve using guns, rifles, and other weapons to destroy enemies. Due to the violence in such games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Half-Life, and Half-Life 2, it is advisable to ensure children do not play them. With construction and management simulation games, players need to build, expand, and manage communities and projects with limited access to the resources. A few examples include Harvest Moon and SimCity.

Strategy and platformer games

These kinds of games focus on strategy with no violence and are slower because players are given adequate time to strategize. Moreover, you need to think, manage the resources, and plan in order to become victorious. Although there is no violence and warfare-based and not appropriate for children; such examples include Civilization V, Advanced Wars I and II, and Crusader Kings II. Platformer games comprise jumping between suspended platforms of different heights and/or obstacles to progress ahead in the game. A few examples include Adventure Island, 40 Winks, Action 52, and Abuse.

Puzzles and sports games

Puzzle video games require solving capabilities, such as word completion, logical reasoning, pattern recognition, and strategy. Some of these games include Bejeweled, Hidden Objects, Mario, and Cradle of Rome 2. Another category includes sports games like FIFA Soccer and NHL. Some other games include arcade games, such as Toy Story, Angry Birds, and Chicken Shoot.

Wide audience

Currently, video games are enjoyed by children as well as adults as these provide an excellent source of entertainment. Some of the games are an amazing way to develop cognitive skills, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination in children. Games can also help one learn about making real time decisions and develop cooperation when played as team. Some of the latest games take the imagination to another level giving children an excellent way to learn about new things. Research shows that some games can improve short term memory and long term focusing capabilities in adults. One can also alleviate pain and discomfort through the diversification offered by these games.

January 20, 2014


As gaming becomes popular among more people, the industry is burgeoning into a multi-billion dollar opportunity. Some of these gaming options are preferred over other entertainment choices like television and Internet. The target market among video games providers is no longer only children but to capture the potential players among the younger audiences. As the dynamics of gaming change the question as to the appropriateness of the various games looms large. As the number of younger players increase, there is no significant modification about the kind of games that are created by the various industry players. Violence is not only the norm but vulgarity, popularity, and regularity of this is also increasing. Parents therefore need to be cautious about the kind of games their children are exposed to and playing.

Being involved

One important thing for parents to take into consideration is their involvement in their children’s gaming activities. They are advised to watch while the kids are playing, discuss the games, and understand about what they enjoy in the games. This not only helps you understand the content of the game but will also underscore the factors that your children consider to be as fun. Because every child has a different maturity level, parents need to be sensitive about the same.

Checking the reviews

Before you move ahead with your purchasing decision, it is recommended you read some of the online reviews about these games. In a little while you will be able to get all the information related to the game as well as read what others think about these. Valuable details about the content, cost, and playability are available in a matter of few minutes through this medium. Video games are not cheap and knowing about these before making the decision is helpful.

Check the ratings

Parents must always read the labels, look at the gaming art, and check the ratings before deciding on whether to purchase or not. Most parents do not consider this step to be important and often overlook the same. The labels provide a description of the content and are very useful. The independent reviewer provides ratings to every game and checking it is crucial to check the same and also read the accompanying descriptive content. These descriptions are clear and outline the possible violence that can occur during play making the ratings self-explanatory aiding accurate decision making.

Review after making the purchase

Finally, it is important to review the video games after you have purchased these. This is because even after having taken the efforts and time of doing your research, the actual game may be different from the pre-conceived ideas. Sometimes, the games may not be as innocent and non-violent as you thought these to be. It is vital that you play with your child to be able to view the exact content of the game. Adhering to these tips and guidelines will help you make the right decision. Games can be useful in developing logical capabilities and motor skills of your child and getting the appropriate games is recommended.

September 11, 2013

Renting video games helps save money

If you are among those gaming enthusiasts but unable to buy all the various video games that are available, what would you do? The answer may be dependent on the kind of gaming system but renting is an excellent option. Home gaming can be plenty of fun and entertainment but also extremely expensive. This can be problematic especially if you do not have lots of time to enjoy these games or these have a definite conclusion. Renting provides a more cost effective and affordable way to enjoying your favorite games.

Buying is expensive

Although prices have reduced most games continue to be expensive. After purchasing the home gaming system, users still need to buy the actual games that can be played on the system. This is an expensive option since most games cost between sixty and seventy dollars and some may even be costlier. Opting for the renting option eliminates this cost making it more affordable to acquire the games. Most service providers rent these at a few dollars and you can keep it for a few days. For users who do not play games very frequently on their home gaming systems are able to save costs using the rental option.

Enables testing

Another advantage of renting video games is to test these before you actually decide to purchase it. When you are considering incurring the cost of purchasing the game you need to be absolutely assured of enjoying playing the same. The best option for testing the game and checking if it meets your personal taste and is enjoyable is to rent it for a few days. For a few dollars you can check it for a couple of days and if you figure out it does not meet your expectations then you have saved the cost of actually purchasing the game. Often you would lose a significant amount on returning the games in case these do not meet your personal requirements.

Appropriate for games with an ending

Several games especially those available in the adventure category have definitive conclusions. These have distinct end points and having figured out on the strategy and tactics needed to win the games are redundant for such users. If you are good at cracking and winning adventure games in a shorter period of time, then purchasing these may not be a prudent option. You may realize that you are incurring huge expenditure on these gaming options and are able to enjoy these only for a very short duration, which makes it an expensive choice. This can be easily avoided by choosing to rent adventure games having distinctive endings.

Any gaming enthusiast who incurs the expense of installing a home gaming system is aware about the associated costs of buying video games. Over a period of time it becomes unaffordable to purchase such games, which can be a huge disappointment to gaming enthusiasts. There are several such service providers that can be found on the World Wide Web and users are advised to undertake research on finding the most affordable and suitable rental agency to continue enjoying all their favorite games.

May 10, 2013

All about video games

In the earlier times the most popular kind of games were played on the computer. Initially, such types of games were controlled by the personal computers and players used to interact with these gadgets to achieve the pre-determined goals, objectives, and targets. Video games are also similar to the computer games where video displays with vibrant and interactive visuals are the primary focus. The display is designed in a way that provides players with feedback as the game progresses. Since the last thirty years, gaming industry has seen significant boosts as video and computer games have gained more popularity. However, when such games were first developed almost five decades ago, these were not as popular as these have been in the last three decades.

Evolution over the years

Since the first time games were released, there have been several modifications to the industry. As technology became more developed, more high end and interactive games with superior graphics were released. This has been one of the most important growth drivers resulting in the gaming industry generating billions of dollars in annual revenues. Innovative technologies have resulted in the games becoming realistic and interactive enhancing the experience of the users. These were not as interesting, interactive, and entertaining when first created but as in other aspects technology has made the games very popular and millions of people around the world enjoy them.

Continuously evolving

Video games still continue to evolve and technology and innovations have made these very interesting and popular. The thirty-two bit and sixty-four bit era was the fifth generation in the gaming industry consoles. The fourth generation was the sixteen-bit era and two years in the early eighties were blacklisted in the history of gaming. The years 1983 and 1984 saw unexpected crash and fall of the business with sharp declines in the revenues generated by the gaming industry. Several home computer and video gaming manufacturing companies declared bankruptcy in these times and resulted in the end of the second generation in the gaming industry.

Stable and booming market

Except for the two years in the eighties decade, gaming industry has continued to grow and millions of users from all over the world enjoy these today. Today, video games and computer games are enjoyed not only by children but even by adults. It is common to find people playing these games to de-stress or while taking a break from their hectic and busy work schedules. Several of the new games are very interactive and provide an excellent way to teach various kinds of skills to children. Many strategy and simulative games help adults to acquire different types of capabilities while also help boost short term and long term memory. However, one needs to be cautious as several of these advanced games are highly addictive and it is common for children and adults to become compulsive players of these various games. Parents need to be prudent about deciding on the games that are appropriate for their children as several games are violent and offensive.